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360°  Global Sushi.

Sushi was born from merging cultures so different and so similar at the same time that it can be found in one culinary concept. Cultures that each of the four team members were able to personally experience over 360° trips around the world. Creativity defines and leads 360° Global Sushi to draw a set of unconventional flavours to delight any palate. They merge Japanese cuisine with Thai, Peruvian and Mediterranean, and add secret ingredients that make each of their dishes  unique.  

Their aim is to satisfy all tastes and cultures. It stands out for its creativity, art, fusion of flavours and textures in every bite. They are looking to create a new concept in Sushi, which is unique and different that triggers curiosity and good taste.

With their great food now available at a new location within Restaurante Casa Piedra in Cala Llonga, Ibiza, we caught up with the Sushi man to ask him a few questions about 360° Global Sushi.

1. As four friends who have travelled the world, why have you chosen to settle in Ibiza?

We've been living in Ibiza for years now, we've chosen to settle down here for many reasons: We know the island, we know how hospitality works here, the high demand tourism it attracts and also It gives us the possibility to travel during the winter and discover the new tendencies.

2. How did you all meet?

We are life long friends.

3. Sushi is becoming increasingly popular in Ibiza, why do you think this is?

Because it is very healthy, tasty, fresh and a food you can enjoy sharing amongst friends.

4. What made you choose Sushi over other types of cuisine?

We believe that Sushi is like making a cocktail but with food. You can play mixing many flavours and textures. The options are endless, it all depends on your creativity.

5. Where do you source your ingredients from?

We source our self from local businesses in order to contribute to the growth of the country, however there are many ingredients that we use that are imported, because it is after all Asian cuisine.

6. A hot topic regarding Sushi is the sustainability of produce, what types of fish do you use?

We use salmon, sea bass, tilapia, mackerel and tuna, this last one we use it consciously. We also use octopus, squid and prawns, even though they are not fish.

7. Can you tell us how the range of flavours from the range of countries are fused together in your dishes?

We design our cuisine based on 3 main cuisines, the Mediterranean, the Japanese and the Peruvian and also we add hints of the Thai cuisine. As we said before is like making cocktails, it all depends on your creativity and good taste.

8. For people who have not tried Sushi before, what do you recommend that the best piece of Sushi is to try?

For those who haven't tried sushi and are not too keen on the idea of eating raw fish, we have a few options that are mouth watering and they don't involve anything raw:  We would recommend our Roma Roll, which is a tempura roll filled with mozzarella di bufala, smoked salmon and basil. Another good option would be our Bangkok Roll which is an uramaki (inside-out roll) filled with tempura prawns with a hint of yellow Thai curry and banana and has an avocado topping with mango coulees and Japanese mayonnaise and a touch of spicy sauce.

This is an easy way in the sushi journey...

9. Your new location in within Casa Piedra in Cala Llonga. Why did you choose this location?

There are many reasons why we chose this location

- the setting is simply amazing, in the countryside under the stars, with chilled music. 

- There are no other Sushi Lounges also offering a take away service in the area


- The food and service provided in Casa Piedra is of a very high standard, therefore you can get the best quality  food whether it's Asian cuisine or charcoal BBQ. If there is someone in the party that doesn't like sushi, they can order from the Casa Piedra Menu and vice versa.

10. Do you have any future plans for expansion in the island?

Not at the moment, but who knows! 

Many thanks to the 360° Global Sushi team for taking time to speak to us. We’ll be sure to be back at Casa Piedra soon, to try out some fantastic Sushi!