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Can Curreu

As you know, at Ibizagastro we love to write about food and occasionally we find somewhere that's really worth writing home about and Can Curreu in San Carles, Ibiza, is definitely one of those places.

The restaurant itself is situated in the hotel grounds of Can Curreu, surrounded by the lush planting of their garden, with its 1000 year old olive tree and with a view of their luxurious pool area, there's ample inside seating for any weather and it makes a perfect venue for anything from a decedent lunch with friends to a romantic dinner in one of Ibiza's most quiet and picturesque inland settings.

The first thing to strike you on arrival is the effort that goes into presenting everything from the tables to the garden and hotel surrounds, it's clear to see that presentation is key and the smartly dressed tables, with their clean lines and freshly picked flowers offer an insight into the type of dining that can be expected here. It's one of few restaurants to be featured in the Michelin Guide and it’s easy to see why that's the case. Dining here you can expect a relatively formal affair but with the relaxed Ibicencan charm that we all love on this Island.

At Ibizagastro we've been fortunate enough to have dined here on more than one occasion, trying their five course tasting menu and also taking the opportunity to sample the food offered on their main menu. The menu itself offers a range of traditional Spanish or Mediterranean Cuisine but is often prepared and presented with a touch of flair and modern simplicity. I have personally tried both duck breast and Ibicencan lamb cutlets, both were a joy to look at as well as taste and on both occasions were cooked to perfection. It's also worthy of note that all meals are cooked using as many fresh locally sourced ingredients as possible and often from as local as their own hotel garden! The range of deserts available are enough to appeal to any taste and are again as beautiful to look at, with their fresh vibrant colours, as they are to eat.

Having the ambience and food down to a fine art is impressive but one final thing of note is the service you can expect to receive at Can Curreu. From arrival through to coffee the service at Can Curreu is excellent. The waiters in particular have shown us that they have the ability to tend to every need but without ever being obtrusive. A careful eye is given to each table and everything is dealt with swiftly and professionally but at no time have we ever felt anything other than relaxed here, leaving you to enjoy your meal and the company of your guests or partner.

At ibizagastro we are always careful to not lavish praise unnecessarily - The restaurant at Can Curreu however, is in our opinion deserving of some of the highest praise we can offer.

You'd be forgiven for thinking that such dining comes at great cost but whilst priced in what we'd view as a moderate to high price range, the cost of dining here is far from extortionate and has in fact surprised us in this regard also. Their tasting menu in particular comes at a very reasonable cost of 35 €.

In summary, if you love great food like we do, whether you're out to impress or to have a great time with friends in delicious surroundings, Can Curreu should feature highly - if not the very top of your list.

Dan Power


Full restaurant details can be found on their website here: