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Ibosim Beer, in Ibiza

Ibosim is the result of the passion of three friends who joined their paths with willingness and enthusiasm to offer a premium quality beer, produced with natural products, on the Island of Ibiza

Their love for homebrew beer and for Ibiza fuses in this project, giving birth to Ibosim Summer Ale, a genuine beer.

Ibosim is the name the Carthaginians gave to Ibiza and means “city of the god Bes”. Bes was considered the god of fun and good luck, among other virtues, and Ibosim beer is none other than an offer to him and to the unmistakable spirit of the island.

The summer ale has been especially designed to cool you down in the hot Ibicencan summer, with medium alcohol, slightly bitter and very aromatic.

AROMA: notes of citric and ripe fruit, like peach and mango, giving the beer a tropical touch.  

TASTE: Slightly bitter but fresh at first, with a subtle caramel taste form the malt slowly thereafter. These initial impressions turn into citric notes, achieving an exotic character. The end is long, slightly bitter but very refreshing.

We at Ibizagastro were very intrigued with this new venture and spoke to the guys behind Ibosim to find out more:

1. Where did the three of you meet?

We are Oscar Enguita, Jofre Navarro and Carlos Guerrero.

Oscar and I (Carlos) met in College, we are two Industrial Engineers who previously worked in environmental projects. A few years ago, we  started brewing homemade beer, with  loads of passion just to share and enjoy together with friends.

In 2013, Jofre, who worked as a PR and event management coordinator, joined us  and we finally decided to step up and release our beer in Ibiza, hooked by our love for the island.

2. Why choose Ibiza for this venture?

We chose Ibiza for two reasons; firstly, because we love Ibiza and its way of doing, we think that is a very good place for our beer, where the people appreciate high quality products like our craft beer. 

Also, after realizing the lack of beer culture in the island, we saw a good opportunity to offer our beer and share our passion with everybody.

3. Where are you based?

Oscar and Jofre are currently living in Ibiza, and I am going back and forth between Ibiza and Barcelona. 

We wanted to start the project slowly, watching the reaction of the people towards our beer. 

That’s the reason we have taken an opportunity we had to produce in the peninsula in a friend’s brewery, before 

jumping into opening our own microbrewery in the island, but if you search us on the markets, you can taste some of our homebrewed beers.

4. How long does the brewing process take?  Can you explain more about this?

The time frame from the start of the production process until the beer can be served is about one and a half months, although the beer keeps evolving and getting richer. 

There are several parts in the process, the first of which is the maceration of the malt. Different types of malt are mixed in water in the exact amounts and heated in stages at different temperatures in order to activate the several enzymes of the cereal. The result is a pale sweet liquid called beer must. 

Now it’s time to boil the must, to kill any bacteria that may have appeared. This is the stage when the hops are added: not only they give the aroma and the bitterness to the beer, but also help to stop the enzymatic processes of maceration. 

Lastly, the must is then cooled down and introduced in the fermentor, adding to it the yeast which is the responsible of shaping the beer, transforming the sugar into alcohol and CO2.

The beer is now ready to be bottled, tagged and left for maturation. This is the production in a nutshell, though every step of it is a whole world in itself. 

It is worth noting that our beer is not pasteurized, that is, it’s still alive inside the bottle. This is what is meant by natural carbonation: a second stage of fermentation takes place in the 

bottle, in contrast to industrial beer to which CO2 has to the injected artificially. 

It is also important to underline that Ibosim beer contains only natural ingredients of the highest quality, being this a self imposed obligation we set on ourselves since the beginning. 

5. Where can the ale be bought?

You can check out the establishments where our beer is sold in our  website or in our facebook page, where you will also be able to contact us in case you want to buy from us directly. We also 

organise private events and offer a barman service, where we put a stand with Ibosim on tap so that people can meet us face to face. 



6. Do you have any future plans to develop other products?

Yes, we have plenty of ideas for new beers! We would like to create a true beer culture in Ibiza with our beers and Ibiza Summer Ale, our first commercialized product, is the first step. We’d like to make people discover something new with each beer we craft, as handcraft beer is huge in its diversity. Each combination of ingredients, each variation in the production process, leads to a different taste and aroma: such is the richness and complexity of this beverage. 

7.  From a gastronomic point of view what favorite food do you enjoy with your ale?

The main food pairings we suggest with Ibosim Summer Ale are salads, slightly spicy dishes, cheese not too aged, and we especially recommend it with raw fish.

We are working in including a section dedicated to food pairings in our website, recommending the ones we enjoy the most, and also the ones suggested by our customers. This is an aspect of beer that people are especially interested in and working with restaurants, we get some really interesting ideas we would love to share. 

Enjoy Ibosim!

Many thanks to the Ibosim team for spending the time to answer our questions. We’ll be trying some of your recommended food pairings with Ibosim beer soon!