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Le 27

On the restaurant street in Santa Eulalia lies this classic French restaurant that invites you to sample their authentic cuisine and friendly service. This popular restaurant offers three seating areas – street tables, roof terrace and the interior with its shabby chic decor.  On entering the restaurant you are greeted with the fantastic view of the wood burning oven where all the pizzas are cooked.

On being seated we were immediately made to feel welcome and allowed to pursue the menu in our own good time, along with a bowl of oregano olives to tantalise the taste buds.   A selection of hot and cold starters were available but once we saw the Bourgogne snails cooked in garlic butter this was the only option!  Presented in a specialised hot dish designed just for this purpose, served with bread, these were succulent and flavoursome.  Offered as an individual starter of 6 snails or a sharing platter of 12, we would recommend that everyone try these regional delights.  We sampled the carafe of rose house wine, which was very reasonably priced and a light accompaniment to the meal.  A delightful touch was the carafe and glasses being engraved with the Le 27 logo.

We had a dilemma when choosing our main courses, there was a range of French dishes for example Steak Tartare and King Prawns Provencal, however being seated close to the wood burning oven the pull of the selection of pizzas was too much to resist.  We sampled the Royal pizza which was topped with Mozzarella, Gruyere, ham and mushrooms along with Mrs Jacques Special which had the alternative twist of being topped with pieces of chicken tikka, a combination that worked perfectly. Thin and crispy, the pizzas were clearly freshly made and had a gentle aroma that you would only get from a traditional wood baked oven such as theirs.   

Once again we tried a French speciality for dessert – Tarte Tatin.  This provided a stunning end to the meal. The apple, covered with cinnamon, and pastry were perfectly cooked and the caramel sauce that covered the ‘tarte’ was sweet and rich – just divine. Served with vanilla ice cream, we regretted that we had ordered only one to share!

As the only French restaurant in Santa Eulalia, Le 27 provides excellent cuisine at reasonable prices. There is such a great selection of dishes on the menu that no matter your taste there will be a sequence of dishes that you are bound to enjoy.

Anne Power

Open all year, closed Sundays.

C/San Vincente 27, Santa Eulalia del Rio

971 336 403