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Restaurante Lui

At Ibizagastro we recently had the pleasure of a meal at Restaurante Lui in Santa Eulalia Marina. First though, before we tell you all about it, a personal message from the owner Danilo:

“Welcome to our restaurant, cocktail and wine bar. We are a family from Rome who for two years have been cooking typical Italian dishes with flavours and tastes that are unique.

We only cook with fresh seasonal produce and our menu changes daily depending on the best products available on the day.  My mother is in the kitchen to make sure that you eat and drink fresh, high quality products and you will never get bored!

From the entire family, thank you in advance for visiting - we wish everyone a good holiday.”

We initially visited Restaurante Lui to try a cocktail before deciding on a dinner venue but due to the warm welcome received from the owner Danilo and his team, we stayed to sample their Italian cuisine.   

As with Lui’s food ethic described above, only the freshest ingredients of the day are used, and this is the same for the cocktails.  On recommendation we tried a red grape mojito which was made in front of our eyes using the fresh fruit from a bowl on the bar. You could easily while away a few hours enjoying the view and work your way through the drinks list. On this occasion though, it was time for us to try the food!

The first thing to note is a refreshing change from standard restaurant culture. It’s one of the first times that we have visited a restaurant and have not been presented with a menu.  There is a small blackboard indicating a short number of dishes available to view on the terrace but if nothing grabs your fancy, don’t worry, as this does not portray the full story.  Danilo, discusses your pasta preferences and suggests a dish or two to try as his Mama in the kitchen will only cook with the freshest ingredients, meaning the menu available changes daily. He was also keen to point out that this approach means that they can be flexible and make any dish that takes your fancy and that the list of fresh ingredients allows. We decided that a good place to start was with the traditional bolognaise which was served with homemade tagilatelle.  The sauce was rich and authentic and complemented the homemade pasta perfectly.  To try another dish we requested a pesto pasta which was again, both delicious, freshly made on request and authentic.  The fresh basil was evident in the beautifully created sauce that was served with perfectly cooked penne pasta. A deliciously balanced dish.

Due to our visit being on a chilly May evening, we ate at the tables indoors which enabled us to hear the creations being made in the kitchen. The interior provides a clean and intimate atmosphere and the walls display images of Italy which enhances your authentic Italian dining experience and leads you to feel that you could be sat in a small corner of Rome itself. The prices offer exceptional value and there are ample wines to choose from, as well as the fantastic cocktails, our choice on the evening being a bold red from Sicily.

Restaurante Lui is located on the stunning marina at Santa Eulalia and provides authentic Italian cuisine and first class service. The thing that shines out here is the family’s obvious enthusiasm to provide a great dining experience, that coupled with their friendly Italian service and traditional freshly made food ensure that Restaurante Lui is a great asset to the restaurant scene of Ibiza.