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Stoned Ibiza

A new restaurant in Ibiza town with a great concept of hot stone cooking which involves you cooking your meal at the table exactly to your liking.  

Stoned Ibiza is located opposite the Balearia Ferry terminal in Sa Drassana Square, a courtyard location that allows you to escape the busy port area.

 A family friendly restaurant where children will be entertained with colouring books and friendly staff  as well as the menu being able to be amended to suit those smaller appetites.  This intimate restaurant provides authentic home cooked food using only the freshest produce.  

Speciality hot lava stones are brought to the table where you can cook your meat or fish the way you choose and are accompanied by a choice of delicious marinades and dressings such as a Jack Daniels BBQ sauce and a sesame and soy marinade.    

The menu offers a small but enticing selection of starters and the main courses are meat and fish that you cook on the hot stone which range from an Argentinean beef steak to a red tuna steak.  Don’t worry though vegetarians are also catered for with a Mediterranean vegetable platter that allows you to also enjoy hot stone cooking.    

The homemade desserts vary from day to day depending on the ingredients chosen to create a delicious end to your meal.

Visiting Ibiza Town will always lead to a huge number of dining options, such is the variety. At Ibizagastro we welcome the arrival of Stoned Ibiza, as a great alternative to the traditional restaurants already present. Don't let the name fool you, Stoned Ibiza is all about the food, in an idyllic setting that will no doubt leave you relaxed and wanting to return.

Annie Power


Please note this restaurant is closed for the 2014 season