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SUSHIYA AOYAMA: Sushi & sake at the bar

(FIX Ibiza).- Sake and sushi form the backbone of this culinary proposal by Sushiya Aoyoma, a discreet and unassuming sushi bar set just outside the walls of the world heritage site of Ibiza, in Plaza de Sa Drassaneta, off calle de la Virgen.

Its chef, Hideki Aoyama, a graduate from the prestigious Tokyo Sushi Academy, and taught by Japanese Sushi Masters Makoto Fukue and Suehiki Shimizu, claims his inspiration for the Sushiya concept comes from a hybrid of three of the most popular types of eaterie in his homeland of the Rising Sun- the sushiya (sushi bar), izakaya (tapas bar) y tachinomiya (after-work bar). In each of those, Sake is the drink of choice, just like at Sushiya Aoyama.

The mainstay of the menu is its rice and fish, using the freshest products on the market and the most popular sushi rice amongst Japanese chefs, YumeNishiki. Add to that, common Japanese ingredients like seaweed, tofu, daikon, miso, soya, with Chef Aoyoma preparing daily authentic examples of Japanese originality and flavour.

Ibiza Spotlight: “I’ve just found my bar of choice in Ibiza Town.How do you spell love? Sushiya Aoyama”.

Metro UK: "Chef Hideki Aoyama slices and dices the best sushi in town, bar none".

Ibiza 5 Sentidos: “Authentic Japanese tapas in the heart of Sa Penya”.

Bar Chick: “This place is unlike any other on the island, and a must for any Japanese food lover out on the town!”.

Ibiza Style: “Although it may not be the only one it’s probably the most authentic. From the concept to the chef, Sushiya Aoyama develops its savoire-faire of catering Japanese-style in Ibiza from start to finish”.

Our SAKE LIST includes:

Ozeki, Josen Kinkan Ozeki, Ozeki Tamon Sawakaya Honjozo, Yamadanishiki, Kyotsuru Junmai,

Osakaya Choubei Daignjyo – Super Premium & Taisetsu Junmai Ginjo



Plaza sa Drassaneta 13

Ibiza 07800



T @Sushiya_Ibiza

M. +34 627 861 566

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