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Casa Piedra restaurant, near Cala Llonga

Situated on the main road just outside of Cala Llonga lies Casa Piedra a beautiful restaurant that is surrounded by fruit trees and beautiful countryside.  It provides a stunning location to enjoy fine food and wine.  On entering the restaurant a warm woody aroma surrounds you and prepares you for the dining experience that you will embark on . It is also an early indication of the restaurant’s speciality smoked dishes.

We dined in the ‘winter’ season meaning that the restaurant was open for lunch and we were seated  in the inside enclosure where the décor was bright and inviting.   Our starter was an authentic platter of Iberico ham, with a lightly smokey flavour that was served with the traditional fresh tomato sauce and a selection of warm homemade bread that was fresh and as good as any bread from a bakery.  A welcome strawberry amuse bouche cleansed the palate in anticipation for the main course.  Having been recommended the meat dishes on the menu we decided to try the duck breast and were impressed with the presentation.  The duck was cooked medium rare and was the centrepiece of the dish.  There were many accompanying flavours available to complement the meat however the beautifully cooked duck was the stand out part of the meal.  A full bodied Rioja matched the main course perfectly and allowed the meal to be savoured in the relaxed environment. The wine and drinks list s were worthy of note and were reasonably priced, with a selection that would match any of the dishes.

In summary Casa Piedra is a beautiful restaurant that lies away from the busy tourist routes however is well worth venturing to explore. You will feel that you are in the heart of Ibiza without a care in the world and the selection of speciality dishes of lightly smoked fish through to the duck breast or steaks, is likely to make for a memorable holiday meal.

Opening hours

Summer every evening 19.00 until 01.30

Winter Tuesday  to Sunday 13.00 – 16.00 for lunch and 19.30 – 23.30 for dinner