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Sushi and Fusion in Ibiza at Nagai

Although you'll always find great restaurants in or near your chosen resort in Ibiza, it is always worth looking further afield, sometimes you will find a dining experience that makes the journey even more rewarding and I'll happily say that Nagai is well worth the trip.
Situated in the heart of the island on the restaurant mile, roughly halfway between Cala Llonga and Santa Gertrudis, Nagai is in fact relatively easy to get to and is easily accessible by the island's many taxis. On arrival the greeting from the staff is always friendly and the quiet surroundings, being tucked away in the countryside, lend themselves to a very chilled out, relaxed and typically Ibicencan atmosphere. The dining area is accessed by the walled garden and leads round to a group of smartly dressed tables, a small bar and moving inside there is an array of cosy corners to take your drink to and spend time after your meal listening to the resident DJ.
What is less Ibicencan though is of course the choice of food and in fact the choice of menu itself, you get to choose - the Japanese Sushi menu, or the Fusion menu? A choice that's only then made more difficult by the extensive range of delicious looking options on both. We have always gone for Sushi, it is my favourite food after all, that said though I have promised I'll go back to try the white fish carpaccio in a rocket pesto sauce and the rosemary scented baked yellow tail in almond crust from the fusion menu - both of which have very nearly turned me from choosing the Sushi, which is some feat in itself.
The Sushi that I've had at Nagai has never been anything other than impressive. Not only are the fish and all other ingredients clearly fresh, which is made easier to spot by their vibrant colours, the presentation of the Sushi is as good as I've seen. We've experienced Sushi, Sashimi and Nigri here that are always a great pleasure to look at and each individual piece somehow tastes better than the one before and at least as good, if not probably better than we've had when in Japan.
The wine list at Nagai is fairly comprehensive and the staff were both friendly and knowledgable enough to assist in choosing wines that would complement the Sushi and in addition the bar area caters for any drinks imaginable after your meal, a special mention here surely goes to the cocktail list and the star of the show - the Wasabitini!
If you are looking to find somewhere to enjoy top quality dining, in a relaxed and informal atmosphere, Nagai with its beautiful countryside setting must be somewhere near the top of your list. The Sushi alone is worth the trip but the whole experience of dining at Nagai will make it a holiday evening to remember.
Dan Power

Ctra. San Juan km 9.5
07840 Ibiza
Tel +34 971 807308