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A lunch at Puravida

Puravida is a beautiful beach restaurant situated right on the beach at playa niu blau, a picturesque bay near Es Cana. It's clean modern decor and idyllic location had grabbed our attention on many occasions before we finally had the chance to sample the food and when we did find the time, we were more than just a little impressed.
The staff were friendly and the overall service was in line with what you would expect given its aura of excellence. Browsing through the menu we were delighted to see a whole range of dishes that would suit every lunch occasion and the range of wines on offer was comprehensive. It was also pleasing to be given plenty of time to make our all important lunch time decisions, not being rushed is often one of the best feelings when dining in Ibiza but is not always something us Brits are famed for, the staff at Puravida gave us more than enough time but were attentive throughout.
The food itself is something that actually surprised us at Puravida, such was the high standard. We eventually chose a Mediterranean squid salad and the fantastic Prawns in homemade curry with coconut and basmati rice and not only were the meals presented perfectly, with clean modern lines that matched the overall atmosphere and ambience, each dish tasted even better than it looked. The prawns with curry were not just a highlight of the day but the entire week, such was the flavour. The curry was punchy with its curried spices but at the same time managed to be made with a light, delicate touch and an aroma of coconut that made you feel a great sense of holiday fun.
We've often seen wedding celebrations take place at Puravida and its not surprising that people would choose this location for their special day. However we'd suggest that whether its a lunch such as ours or a romantic meal, right on the beach under the stars, any day could well be a special one at Puravida.
Dan Power

Puravida - Camí Haya, s/n, 07840 SANTA EULALIA DEL RíO, IBIZA, Spain
Phone:+34 971 33 97 72