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Restaurante Sa Llesca

Nestled in amongst the white buildings of Santa Eulària Marina lies one of the Islands hidden gems. Situated towards the back of the Marina and easily located by its traditional Spanish brick turret you'll find Sa Llesca, a restaurant that we at Ibizagastro have been to many times, possibly more than any other.
Sa Llesca is a family run restaurant and the welcome and service that is received here is second to none. You are instantly made to feel comfortable and everyone always receives the same great service on arrival and during their meal. It's always noticeable here that the restaurant receives visitors of all different nationalities and is popular throughout the year with the Spanish locals - always a good sign!
The tapas menu that you'll find here is extensive, and not only is the food fantastically tasty, you'll find that the portion sizes are quite large in comparison to a lot of tapas you may find, which in turn provides fantastic value. Each of the dishes are cooked freshly to order, and from the lightly battered squid to the punchy spicy chorizo, each dish is presented well and all retains a traditional Spanish charm. In addition to the tapas menu there is also a full menu to choose from covering a variety of options from small to large appetites and the wine list available is again extensive enough to find a tipple to suit any taste and if you're unsure or can't make up your mind, the Fernandez de Pierola is certainly a wine to consider.
Now, the real reason why we keep coming back - the steaks. The steaks at Sa Llesca, particularly the fillets, are some of the best we have tasted anywhere. Each and every time, cooked to perfection and exactly to our liking, with just a little Ibizan salt to bring out the flavour, there's a certainty that the produce being used is of exceptional quality and whilst we do like our steaks a little rarer than some, we've dined here with family who prefer theirs cooked a little differently and the results have been the same - smiles and happy diners all round.
From full evening meals to light tapas bites the overall experience at Sa Llesca really can't be ignored, the prices are certainly reasonable and it’s a perfect spot to get away and hide from the crowds. We can highly recommend stopping here and will be doing so ourselves again very soon.
Dan Power

Sa Llesca - Puerto Deportivo de Santa Eulalia, 07840, Ibiza
Teléfono: 971 338 360
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