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Lunch at Sa Punta
Situated at a picturesque spot, on the eastern point of Talamanca Bay, I recall my first ever visit to Sa Punta. On announcing my arrival, a good friend and Ibizan resident, Oliver, proclaimed it as "the place to be", some visits later  I can do nothing but agree wholeheartedly.
The first thing that really jumps out at Sa Punta, is the typically Ibizencan atmosphere and decor. The white washed walls, welcoming chic tables and a relaxed but modern vibe couple themselves with a sea view that leads you to feel that you could enjoy the whole day there - and we have been known to do just that.
The menus here offer excellent range options, from freshly cooked fish of the day and succulent tuna to huge club sandwiches and perfectly cooked vegetarian pasta. It’s also fair to say that we adore the carpaccio here that much - its become one of our signature photos on our facebook and twitter pages! Pleasingly the full menu offers enough alternatives to give food for thought but not enough to become confusing and the range of wines on offer cover most budgets and feature some real show stoppers. The SantBru Blanc is a particular favourite of ours.
The service you'll receive at Sa Punta also perfectly matches its top quality but relaxed ambience. The staff are friendly, and attentive but without being excessive. In fact, the best service is often the the one where you forget that there is any service, where your glass is full and the table is magically looked after without you even noticing.  A difficult trick to pull off but one that the Sa Punta staff seem to have mastered well and despite numerous visits, we've yet to have even the slightest complaint.
All in all, we'd recommend dining at Sa Punta to anyone. If you're looking for excellent quality at a prime location with prices that whilst moderate wont make your eyes water - then you're looking for Sa Punta.
Dan Power

Sa Punta Talamanca Bay / Bahía de Talamanca
+34 971 193 424
Open from April to October from 11am to 3am.
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